Adapting startup methodologies for non-profits and religious organizations

Lean startup for social impact and volunteer-led organizations

Growing UX maturity at Spreadshirt 

Raising the profile of design and empowering designers towards greater impact

Non-profits and religious organizations are looking to maximize their impact while being good stewards of their resources. But just like businesses, they often succumb to an inside-out perspective and fall in love with a solution instead of the problem.

I’ve adapted lean startup methods, like the business model canvas, to help these organizations be more effective when starting new projects or are at a point where they need to reinvent themselves. The ministry model canvas helps foster a holistic perspective and focuses on the people being served.


UX was a young discipline at Spreadshirt, but a passionate team was ready to take it to the next level

The UX team was positioned downstream in the execution process, but wanted more. We were able to show the teams ability and the business value of design and lead the team to the next level of influence and impact.  


UX as a discipline was present, but was focussed on tactical execution with little to no involvement in product strategy or a holistic perspective on the users and their needs.

Church Canvas

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Want to learn more about how these methods are helping organizations mobilize their volunteers and increase their social impact?

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Want to get the details on how we empowered designers, got executive buy-in and engineers to request first-hand exposure to usability testing?

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